How To Please Your Man With Your Mouth

Okay ladies and men too, let’s get real. It is really important that you learn how to please your man with your mouth and you’ll be really glad to know that learning how to make a guy orgasm is surprisingly simple. These 10 oral sex tips will help get him there, quickly and easily.

1. Ensure that your mouth is misty, moist, wet. Make sure your mouth is moist. There is nothing worse than giving your man pleasure with your mouth and it being as dry as sandpaper. If water just isn’t cutting it, try out flavoured lubricant. That should do the work.

2. Spit! Yes i said it, spit on that schlong. Spit is one of the best natural lubricants. If you are providing oral sex for your man, spit on the sucker. He will not only find it erotic, it will help speed up the process. There is nothing wrong with a little sloppy oral sex, oral sex isn’t supposed to be cute so go ahead and make a mess.

3. Use that tongue. Your tongue is your best friend during oral sex. This is the strongest muscle in your body so use it to your advantage. Swirl it. Slide it. Flick it. Use it on all parts of his ding-dong. Trust me it works like magic

4. Watch your teeth. While you’re putting in the work, your jaws might start to get tired. When this happens, let your mouth rest and put your tongue to work. Another trick is to use the tip of his penis to rub the insides of your cheek.

5. Use your hands. Your mouth might get tired in the process, feel free to take break. Use your hand to help stabilize your man’s member. By using your hand(s) to surround the base, you will help keep the blood flow in the organ, which will help keep it hard.

6. Focus on the tip. The tip is the most sensitive part of a man’s penis. So focus on it, put your tongue to work on the tip and watch his soul leave his body, don’t be afraid to add pressure, remember you’re trying to keep him stimulated

7. Focus on the balls. That’s right people. Don’t forget that the testicles are part of a man’s anatomy as well. Take some time to lick, suck, and rub his testicles as well to provide some extra stimulation. Especially use your hand(s) while you are performing oral with your mouth. If you rub his testicles while you are giving him oral, it will give an even more intense feeling of pleasure.

8. Throat. This takes practice this, people would often laugh at the thought of having a cucumber, popsicle, banana or sex toy down your throat but if you don’t practice well…His ‘mini me’ is going to hit the back of your throat. Either your gag reflex is going to act up, or you will have no problems. Gag reflex can lead to vomiting, so practicing can help train your throat to tolerate the intrusion.

9. Go deep and then rock it from there. Just when it feels like it is all the way down your throat, bob your head forward from there. There is something about the tip of your man’s penis hitting that stopping point and knocking against it that will drive him crazy.

10. Use different positions, you could stay on your knees while he stands. Lay on the bed while he stands or 69. Perfect position to focus on oral but remember that if you don’t practice, it might go wrong.
So there you have it people, ten simple ways to make your man orgasm. Remember that one size does not fit all, so you need to experiment with different positions and techniques till you find what you and your partner are comfortable. So get creative and have fun!

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