Timi Dakolo : Give Us The Fire, Then Watch Me Work!

Timi Dakolo on his Instagram page has maintained his resoluteness to not being shaken by gimmicks of the Pastor Biodun Team.

He said “Our lawyers had told us to get ready for this letter. We have long been ready for this type of institutionalized intimidation and dirtiness. Dirty bloggers are fabricating things that cover the truth , going to the IG’s people under dark to force this case to be posted to Abuja? Now this: a false investigation in Abuja when our own petition filed since June has not been answered and NO INVITATION HAS BEEN MADE TO THE ACCUSED IN A RAPE CASE????! NOT ONE MOVEMENT TOWARDS JUSTICE??? Rubbishing the legal and criminal system ?”

Dakoko further stated that the die is cast and the games has just begun. “And sending a bus load of questionable armed “policemen” and shady men lying in wait to intimidate my wife and children today, forcing their way into my home? Is that how the REAL police delivers a letter ? This is best you can do? This is why all the hurting women and families haven’t come out with HORRIBLE THINGS DONE TO THEM???!!”

You picked the wrong one and you picked the wrong time. Nigerians are more awake than you think .

The Invitation Letter From The Police

“I will fight for my wife and my children -it’s the promise I made with my life and one I intend to keep .I will defend them from the unrelenting attack of a weak man who thinks he can use money and power to cover for all of his crimes.”

He ended by saying:

“Like I said ,we have since been ready . GIVE US THE FIRE, THEN WATCH ME WORK!”

In pursuant to this, Femi Falana has emerged as Busola Dakolo’s lawyer over this issue.



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